Rusty Boruff from The 180 Zone – Crisis, Poverty, and Addictions

Episode 2 · October 12th, 2014 · 48 mins 31 secs

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In this podcast, Rusty Boruff brings his passion and experience from founding and working with The 180 Zone to the table to discuss reaching those in your city who are in crisis, poverty, or addicted. We also discuss how to identify the needs in your community and how to get your local church involved outreach.

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Question: What is the best way you have found to get involved with people dealing with crisis, addiction, or poverty? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Passions come and Go, burden are those things that literally hurt not to do. #RenewingOurCity
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Identifying needs in your communities:

  1. Build relationships with the community by calling schools, police department, people in the neighborhoods.
  2. Ask people, ‘how can we help’ because they know the needs first hand.
  3. Identify a target area where God opens up the doors.

To identify the needs in your community, you just need to get out there and build relationships.
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How someone could get involved in ministering to prisoners, addicts, sex trafficing, etc.?

  1. Connect with a local ministry
  2. Be consistant

Why is a incubation program crucial for lifechange?

“It’s hard to get clean when you are sitting in a mud puddle.” ~ Rusty Boruff

Why is The 180 Zone Program Different

The goal in many programs is to push people out as fast as you can because the more success you can show at any given point looks good on paper.

  1. Clear up the opsticals for when they get out such as debt and the correct employment.
  2. All jobs residents take have to be approved because of the temptations at many jobs can pull them back into their old lifestyler
  3. Housing. They have trasitional housing.

We want to be the local church’s tool to reach out to the local community.” @the180zone…
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Rusty Boruff Speaking about The 180 Zone

Rusty Boruff Speaking about The 180 Zone

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Residential Facilities – “Incubators for Lifechange” They focus on lifechange through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a safe place to grow through a very structured program.

East Gate Industries is The 180 Zone’s way to teach entrepenuership to the men and woman in the program that allows them to start their own business to get back on track in society and build a future.


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