Pastor Joshua Ngao from Fisher’s of Men Ministries on African Missions

Episode 3 · October 23rd, 2014 · 56 mins

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This podcast dives deeper in to the global mission field with the topic of African missions. Pastor Joshua Ngao brings his experience to the table from working with Fisher’s of Men Ministries to talk about about poverty in Africa, ministry in and trips to Kenya, accountabily for mission groups, supporting national pastors, and much more.

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If he has called you, whatever you go through, in the end there will be a testimony.
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Growing up in poverty with a single mom, Joshua moved to Nairobi, Kenya in High School. Then in college, while working at a Hotel, Joshua met a man who shared Jesus with him, and he committed his life to Jesus.

The Lord called Joshua into ministry, taking him out of a great life and job, to working with kids in Nairobi with nothing.

A US House of Representative member from Mississippi and a lady from Camanche, IA came to visit Kenya, which led to Joshua sharing his heart for ministry with them. Pastor Ngao was able to get a visa to America. which the Lord opened doors for Joshua to speak all over the US about Kenya and the needs.

Fisher’s of Men Ministry is not about their own prosperity, but to build the Kingdom of God in Kenya by planting churches, training leaders, and care for children’s needs. FOM’s goal is to train and send local missioanries to all the 47 counties of Kenya to reach the entire country.

Pastor Joshua Ngao

Pastor Joshua Ngao

Topics Discussed

  • Poverty in Kenya and other African countries
  • Ministering in Africa
  • God’s calling on your life
  • Sacrificing for the Lord
  • Expectations for a Trip to Kenya
  • Effects of the prosperity gospel being preached in Africa
  • Accountability for missionaries
  • African’s perspectives on Westerners
  • Supporting national missionaries
  • Caring for physical needs in ministry

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Fisher’s Of Men Ministries website
Phone Number (563) 508–5550
Joshua’s Facebook
Joshua’s Twitter @JoshuaNgao

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Prosperity Gospel


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How to Minister in Africa

  1. Be careful who you support so you are not scammed.
  2. Work with a local pastor because they know how to work with the people.
  3. If you are called to minister in Africa, take a 2 week trip for confirmation.
  4. Support local/national pastors by training them in leaders and sending them out.
  5. Teach them to provide for their needs so they are able to be apart of the church.

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