Joshua Ngao on Reaching Refugees in Your Community

Episode 4 · November 3rd, 2014 · 58 mins 42 secs

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Pastor Joshua Ngao from Fisher’s of Men Ministries joins me for a second interview to talk about ministering to refugees in your community. Also, we talk about being involved in local missions before going to a foreign mission field and why short-term trips matter. If you missed Pastor Ngao’s first interview on African missions and his personal testimony, you can find that here

Reaching Refugees in your community with joshua ngao

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Question: Do you know someone from a different country in your neighborhood? What are ways you can bless them? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Fisher’s of Men Ministries is doing amazing work in Kenya, Africa with the goal of planting a church in every county in the country, along side of training pastors, taking care of children, and doing community development work. God has call Pastor Ngao to great things, so when he moved to the United States, that calling is not on hold. Joshua said, “The Lord, a few years ago, started bring the same people they were reaching in Africa to the United States.”

The US State Department writes, “Since 1975, Americans have welcomed over 3 million refugees from all over the world. Refugees have built new lives, homes and communities in towns and cities in all 50 states.” (source)

Joshua gives great advice on how to work with the Refugees who are resettling in your community, and how you can share Jesus with them by serving their most basic needs. One of the easiest ways to help them is with furnishing the appartment of the family before the arrive to your city. Yet, he says, “even if you have nothing else to give, you have the Lord to share with others.”

We also discuss people’s calling to the global mission field and how they can prepare for their calling. He also answers the hot topic question, How can we go to other countries for missions, when we have unmet needs in our own cities?

Pastor Joshua Ngao

Pastor Joshua Ngao

5 ways to get involved in serving refugees in your community

  1. Get connected with an organization like World Relief
  2. One time, help them with basic tasks in life such as, furnishing their apartment, driving them to hospital visits, teaching english, taking them a meal, getting their children registered in school, and any other thing you can think of.
  3. Have your family or small group adopt a family and support them as much as possible.
  4. Serve them and they will see Jesus through you, so when they ask, “why do you help me,” you can respond with the gospel message of how God wants a relationship with them.
  5. Donate household items

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In the Renewing Our City Podcast Episode 3, Joshua’s first interview talking about his calling in life, his personal story, and how they are reaching people in Kenya, Africa.

Fisher’s Of Men Ministries website
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World Relief does many things, but Joshua works with Refugee Resettlement
Habitat for Humanity builds homes so everyone can have a decent place to live.
How to Become an American

If you’re called somewhere else, you need to realize that you’re 1st called to your own community
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As promised, a picture of my kids, Lili (4 years old) and Liam (1 1/2 years old)

Liam and Lili (2014)

Liam and Lili (2014)

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