Joseph Hovsepian on Iranian Christianity

Episode 9 · December 23rd, 2014 · 23 mins 13 secs

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Christmas is just a few days away, and this is another another guest, Joseph Hovsepian, speaking on persecuted/martyred Christians, particularly in Iran.

Joseph Hovsepian on Iranian Christianity

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‘Iran is a closed country with open hearts’ Joseph Hovsepian
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This interview with Joseph Hovsepian’s from Hovsepian Ministries is packed with helpful information about the persecuted church in Iran, including what Joseph with the rest of his family are doing to point people to Jesus through Iranian media. Joseph’s, alongside his brother Gilbert, produced the 10x award winning documentary , A Cry From Iran. This story tells the untold story of their father, Haik Hovsepian’s, who was a prominent evangelical pastor, who was murdered and other Iranian Christian martyrs who paid for their faith with with their lives.

Here is the first episode on the persecuted church with Sarah Liu on China.

A Cry From Iran Trailer

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Photo of Joseph Hovsepian courtesy of

Photo of Joseph Hovsepian courtesy of


Iran (Wikipedia)

Joseph Hovsepian: facebook

Voice of the Martyrs

Hovsepian Ministries: website, facebook, youtube, email:

A Cry From Iran

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